Royal Aeronautical Society JOIN SaNDY GUNN ACP in 2020.

The Sandy Gunn ACP Team, part of the AA810 Project, are delighted to announce that they will be joined by the Royal Aeronautical Society at their upcoming presentations to schools. Using aerospace as a background, and with the aim of encouraging young people to study STEM subjects and advise them on potential engineering and aviation-based careers, on 27th September 2019, Sandy Gunn’s 100th birthday, the ACP was launched in his name at Cranfield University Airport. Its annual spring & autumn roadshow Presentations and summer Engineering Workshops will commence in 2020, and the associated AA810 Network providing follow-on support, in 2021.

Ros Azouzi, RAeS’ Head of Skills & Careers, and her colleagues will be a part of the roadshow Presentation team along with Tony Hoskins, Michael Smith, other industry executives and appropriate role models.

The uniqueness of the historical stories attached to AA810 makes Sandy’s Spitfire not just one, but possibly the most significant restoration in the global historic aircraft community. When she flies again, Sandy’s Spitfire will be the attraction that promotes the ACP as the living memorial to all those of the WWII PRU. As such, Project AA810 embraces both a highly important chapter in our Nation’s past and, through the ACP, its future.

Further information may be obtained from the two Project AA810 developing websites: and

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