Sandy Gunn ACP and new opportunities with the Association of Heritage Engineers

Project AA810 is particularly pleased to announce that the Association of Heritage Engineers has joined the Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme. The Association is a fast growing collective movement of heritage engineering devotees who have come together because a critical tipping point has been reached where the cascade of specialist heritage repair skills is in decline and could be lost for ever. Most unfortunately, many policy makers show a lack of understanding of the value that the UK’s heritage assets bring to the economy as well as to wider society.

A not-for-profit organisation, the Association is a platform to accelerate collaboration across all engineering heritage sectors, regardless of specialism, to set and drive a national agenda. To do so it supports and promotes education and skills sharing, showcases its member companies, and supports an increasing number of organisations that provide quality training for young people from all walks of life.

Dr Michael Smith FRAeS, Chairman, Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme, said:

“The encouragement of young people to study STEM subjects is at the heart of the ACP. Furthermore, with Spitfire AA810 and its cutting edge technology of the day as the Programme’s iconic public face, it is most appropriate that the Association of Heritage Engineers has joined Project AA810 which, as a living memorial to the courageous young men of the WWII Photographic Reconnaissance Unit and our Nation’s history on the one hand, on the other projects into the future by introducing young people to the ever-increasing range of careers that await them in the global aerospace industry and supporting them thereafter.”

Dominic Taylor-Lane Founder and MD of the Association, said:

“The United Kingdom has the most amazing aerospace engineering legacy to infuse a new generation of young people. Working with Project AA810 combines not only some of the most iconic British engineering design, but also the most amazing, if tragic narrative. The Association of Heritage Engineers aims to work together with Project AA810 to ensure that traditional skills and experience are cascaded down the generations and to ensure that the iconic machines that we all love are able to continue to thrill and inspire”

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