Sandy Gunn ACP becomes a charity

We are delighted to announce that, on the 4th August 2020 the Sandy Gunn Aerospace Careers Programme (ACP) was accepted as a registered U.K. Charity in England and Wales which not only raises new and exciting opportunities that young people can benefit from, but also brings to the ACP a group of highly experienced professionals as trustees.

The AA810 Project overall, of which the ACP is one of the two major elements, exists to be a living memorial for the crews of the Photo Reconnaissance Unit and, via the ACP, does so by providing opportunities, advice and support to young people today and tomorrow who are venturing out into the world of engineering and aerospace careers. The ACP, launched on Sandy’s 100th birthday in September 2019, was the start of a process that brings industry directly into schools, academies and colleges around the U.K., thereby giving young people access to contacts, up-to-date advice and guidance, all completely free of charge.

Since then, aided by the aerospace industry and dedicated individuals, the ACP has grown both in supporting organisations and in the number of schools it will provide services to; and with only a small delay due to Covid restrictions, will roll out its programme of presentations beginning this autumn, and engineering workshops and the AA810 Network the following Autumn.

Whilst the other element of the overall AA810 Project, the restoration of AA810, remains a separate entity under the auspices of Spitfire AA810 Restoration Ltd, AA810 when complete and flying will be exclusively supporting ACP activities and events globally as we continue to undertake the plans that are in place for the coming years.

Working with our President and Vice-President, and the Trustees, the existing ACP Management Team will continue to develop the programme of events through 2021 onwards ensuring that, like AA810 in her day, it remains state-of-the art for the benefit of future generations.

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