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With momentum gathering for the establishment of a National Monument to the 1,471 individuals who flew in the unarmed RAF Photographic Reconnaissance Squadrons during WW2, as well as their ground based colleagues in Photographic Interpretation, we are now launching our crowdfunding campaign for funding the architectural designs and surveys of the primary location identified in Whitehall.


To get the monument plans through to Planning Application, we need to raise sixty five thousand pounds as stage one of our fundraising. Donations are now being taken to help this Monument project come to fruition following years of hard work and research. If you are willing, please adjust the quantity of the minimum donation to the desired value you wish to donate. For those wishing to make a greater donation directly, please contact the team on


Funds will be held by the Schools Aerospace Careers Programme (SACP) charity whilst a new dedicated monument charity is formed at which point all funds will be transfered in full. If for any reason the monument does not gain planning permission to proceed, donated funds will be returned.

National PRU Monument Donation

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