With the UK and many other countries currently under 'Stay at Home' restrictions, we have brought out an offer to enjoy the Wick deployment section of Sandy's Spitfire book as a download. Once purchased within 3 hours you will receive a weblink and password where you can enjoy 34 pages of our project book.


Within 24 hours you will receive a further discount code by email so if you wish to pre-order the full hardback version of Sandy's Spitfire, you will have this sample fee discounted from the full retail price.


This offer is for our worldwide following but will only be available for as long the UK remains under Government 'Stay at Home' restrictions, restrictions that are scheduled to be reviewed on the 13th April.


All profits from Sandy's Spitfire are reinvested back into the restoration to flight of AA810 and we look forward to the aircraft taking flight again in 2023.

Sandy's Spitfire Wick Deployment