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In Memoriam

It is the fundamental aim of the project to remember the men of the PRU and, in particular, those specific men who flew Spitfire AA810. A small group of very different men, from different countries and different backgrounds that so represents all the members of the Photo Reconnaissance Unit. In some cases these men are remembered on village memorials, or in other cases not at all. The Spitfire AA810 Project Team is working to change this and you will see the result of our endeavours as they come to fruition over the coming months.


The return to flight of AA810 as a flying memorial will take time, as does getting the permissions and family endorsement to create fixed memorials to the men. The project sees these fixed memorials as an equally important task and we look forward to sharing the results of our work.

Alastair Gunn

Following the recovery of AA810 from the hills above Surnadal the recovery team dedicated a memorial plaque to Alastair telling his story in both English and Norwegian, leaving a permanent marker to his memory in the town that looked after him so well 76 years before. Additionally work is in progress to make the crash site a waypoint as part of the Norwegian hiking network and a permanent steel plaque will be placed at the exact location where AA810 came to rest.

Furthermore, Alastair’s school at Cargilfield in Edinburgh includes Alastair’s name in their memorial chapel, together with 189 other boys who attended the school and were lost in the two world wars.

The Spitfire AA810 project team are currently working on a permanent memorial to Alastair to be placed at Pembroke College in Cambridge and it is hoped this work will be concluded in 2019.

Frederick Malcolm

Frederick Malcolm is remembered by a dedicated memorial on the roadside leading up Forbordfjell just a few yards below the point on the mountainside where he lost his life.


The memorial is tended to regularly by locals and Fred’s extended family visited in 2004. During the expedition to recover AA810, the recovery team paid their respects at this memorial and also at Fred’s resting place in Stavne Cemetery in Trondheim.

AFp Fane

The Fane Stone seat memorial pictured at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in Worcestershire, formerly sat at Fane's home at Hedsor Priory, where his ashes had been scattered during the war.


A memorial stone to Fane is located in St. Nicolas Parish churchyard at Hedsor. Fane Drive is at the former RAF Mount Farm in Oxfordshire, where 'C' flight and AA810 were based at the end of 1941. 

Mervyn Jones

Mervyn Jones has no known grave and as such is remembered on the Runnymede memorial.


The Spitfire AA810 project team are actively involved with dedicating a public memorial to Mervyn Jones at a suitable location.

Robert Tomlinson

Robert Tomlinson has no known grave and as such is remembered on the Runnymede memorial.

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