Sigma Components join the AA810 Project and begin work on our engine bearer.

The Spitfire AA810 Project and the Sandy Gunn ACP are delighted to announce the support of leading global airframe and powerplant component manufacturer, Sigma Components. Sigma leads the field of precision engineered aerospace products from rigid pipes, ducting and sub-assemblies, through fabrication, sheet metal work, specialist fasteners and CNC machining.

The Spitfire AA810 Restoration team are particularly delighted to announce that Sigma are currently producing the machined fittings for AA810's engine bearer which, when completed towards the end of this year, will be assembled by Airframe Assemblies on the Isle of Wight.

Sigma is also supporting the Sandy Gunn ACP, not only bringing its extensive experience in global aerospace supply chains but with its work in driving innovation and environmental performance in the aerospace sector, it is ideally qualified to advise the next generation of Engineers on the challenges of the future.

Mark Johnson FRAeS, founder and CEO of Sigma Components, said:

“Sigma is proud to support both the restoration of AA810 and the ACP project that are both an inspiration as to how to connect engineers at every stage of their careers. We look forward to supporting project activities and using our extensive network to educate, motivate and stimulate activity in the aerospace sector.”

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