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The full historical story. This book covers the story of 1 PRU at the start of WW2 and the Norwegian campaign against Tirpitz. With Alastair’s life story, along with the latest research on the other men that flew AA810, the book charts the build of AA810 and its operational history at the hands of these men. With never before published photos and documents relating to The Great Escape and Alastair’s tragic demise, the book’s second half details the discovery of the wreck and the process of returning it to the UK. The author is very grateful to the families of the men that are the subject of the book for providing never before seen documents and photographs that finally allow the stories of their relatives to be told.


‘Sandy’s Spitfire’ officially launched on the 25th March 2019, the 75th anniversary of Alastair leaving StalagLuft III in the infamous escape attempt. 

Sandy's Spitfire Book

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