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80 years of AA810 - the return to Henley...

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Marking 80 years since the first flight of AA810.

To commemorate Jeffrey Quill taking to the skies in AA810 for the first time, the project hosted its first public event in the Market Place at Henley-on-Thames on Sunday the 17th October 2021, 80 years to the day since AA810 first found air under her wings at nearby RAF Henley.

The team took our completed tail section, a number of major fuselage assemblies, and a Merlin engine and set up a display which was enjoyed by over 1,000 locals for the one day event. Speaking of the day, team member Tony Hoskins who leads the management of the restoration said:

"It was absolutely superb to engage with so many people who were fascinated by Sandy's story and the story of the Spitfire assembly factory at RAF Henley. For seven hours we were constantly answering questions about the restoration, and our efforts on a National Monument to those who flew in Photo Reconnaissance during the war. We are incredibly grateful to those who bought our merchandise and to those who came to meet us. A fantastic day all round!"

The AA810 project have commissioned a highly limited edition collectors print by aviation artist Ben Holmes depicting that momentous day in 1941. It is available from the AA810 shop here.

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line Made
line Made
Jun 26

A very nice blog, I like the way you share very honestly and interestingly, through my blog I learned a lot of things.


Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
Jun 04

We were bombarded with questions regarding the restoration and our work on a National Monument honoring the wartime Photo Reconnaissance pilots doodle jump for seven hours straight.

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