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AA810 Project gains support from GLOBal Aerospace and Defence Giant Meggitt PLC

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The AA810 Project is delighted to announce that it has gained substantial support from global engineering giant Meggitt PLC.

Meggitt PLC is a world leader in aerospace, defence and selected energy markets. With a focus on innovation and technology, they employ more than 12,000 people throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Their civil aerospace presence covers cargo planes, regional aircraft, business jets, rotary craft and general aviation. More than 73,000 aircraft rely on their critical technologies, sub-systems and components.

The origins of their aviation history can be traced back to 1850 when two Italian craftsmen Negretti & Zambra moved to England and were appointed meteorological instrument maker to Queen Victoria, for their creation of the world’s first altimeter for hot air balloons. Their company later became Meggitt Avionics. Their legacy continued to grow and in 1936 through subsidiary companies, they began to supply the radiator, wheels, brakes and gun firing systems for the now iconic Spitfire.

Supplying nose to tail solutions, their product portfolio includes; thermal solutions, wheel and brake systems, fire detection, safety equipment, advanced polymers and composites, radomes, seals, avionics, sensing and condition monitoring. As a supplier of lifecycle solutions, they also operate regional centres of excellence to support aftermarket services and support.

Their defence activities cover all military aircraft types, land systems and naval platforms. They also specialise in aerial, land and marine threat simulation training and weapons system development. The firearms element of this capability extends into law enforcement and security organisations.

Speaking of the announcement, AA810 Restoration Ltd Director Tony Hoskins said:

"We are naturally delighted with this partnership as the very generous resources and services offered will significantly assist in the overhaul and servicing of many of the system components we have gathered for AA810. With Meggitt PLC and its subsidiaries being the original equipment manufacturer for so many items on the Spitfire, there could be no better partner to have working with us on the items they originally produced."

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